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2011-01-09 13:25:03 by duckhits

Hey, I am about to dump a whack of songs I have created. I have used beats from KAMI, k-LO, haywire, shaggy, skull beatz and red and white. I really didn't take time to actually categorize which rap is with whoms beat. So I am giving credit to them on here. If I have missed someone that I should give credit to. Please inform me...OH YA F THE NWO

Is it ok to record over artists beats and submit as long as I give credit?
I have found a couple that I have been working with for the last couple days.
Would really like to know the ropes of this place

I am new! This site is sweet

2010-07-31 15:17:46 by duckhits

Hey peeps, new to this site. really dig it so far. I have heard something by atm that was sick as well as some beats by qmill and bojangles that were also awesome.
Any way, I just wanted to make my first post for the appreciation of this website.