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I am new! This site is sweet

2010-07-31 15:17:46 by duckhits

Hey peeps, new to this site. really dig it so far. I have heard something by atm that was sick as well as some beats by qmill and bojangles that were also awesome.
Any way, I just wanted to make my first post for the appreciation of this website.


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2010-07-31 15:26:09

It is cool init. I've been here for about 6 months and I'm on here every day still :D. Love the forums and B/Ping.


2010-07-31 15:26:26

Well mine friend, may I be the first to welcome you to hell. Hehe, I joke very much, but welcome to Newgrounds, everything by everyone. That includes the gems from experienced individuals, and the pieces of shit, and disturbed mind warping pieces that arrive in the hundreds each month. They really do mean 'everything by everyone', but find your way around, have a friend help you figure this place out, and you'll have a swell time in this place, yes? Good, oh, and be prepared for some offensive things.

In summarize, I welcome you, and hope you have a good time.

(Updated ) duckhits responds:

you know of any real good artists!
My first submission is still awaitng approval to wondering how long it takes!